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Product name : TAKARA
type : Sex toy
color : red,purple.pink
size : 222mm(L)41mm(W)39mm(D)
material : Non-toxic ABS+Silicone
Max noise : less than 40dB
use time : charge 2 hours.use 90 minutes
Payment Terms : T/T,Paypal
Packaging Details : gift box and oem box
Delivery Time : 1-30working days
Supply Ability : 50000pcs/each month
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Material: Non-toxic ABS+Silicone 
Usage: for woman 
Waterproof :100% 
Powerful female sex toy 


                                           artificial sex toys,g-spot rabbit penis vibrator

 Selling well sex product sex toy for women sex vibrator


Brand: Easy.Love L
Product Name: TAKARA B
Properties sex product
type sex toy 
useage for woman
color Blue.purple.pink
category vibrator
size 222mm(L)41mm(W)39mm(D)
material Non-toxic ABS+Silicone
motor eccentric motor   
Features fashion electromagnetic charge
Waterproof 100%Waterproof
Max noise less than 40dB
use time charge 2 hours.use 90 minutes
Payment Terms T/T.paypal
Packaging Details

Gift box or OEM box

Delivery Time

7-30 workdays

Supply Ability

50000 units per month

Sex toy Maintenance Storage

General adult toys silicone system is a relatively soft material.
Proper maintenance is very important, otherwise it may result in deterioration of silica gel, peeling or cracking.

Before opening, avoid nails, scissors, packing boxes and other sharp objects near the edge, may be damaged adult toys.

When used, must be used with lubricant, water-based lubricant is recommended
and some adult toys encountered oil-based lubricants may dissolve. Use, water-based lubricant if dry
add water to make it moist must be appropriate to avoid adult toys internal or external damage.

After use, simply rinse thoroughly with water, avoid the use of shower gel, soap, detergents ...... etc.
for cleaning. Usually alkaline cleaners will damage the surface of the protective layer of adult toys, oil, resulting in deterioration of silicone.
Save time, be sure to let the internal and surface dry, sprinkle baby powder after proposal

stored in a clean, smooth surface, to prevent water loss containers (recommended using a small plastic bag), and stored in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight .

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