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Why buy a sex toy?

Author : Date : 2013-6-19 11:05:53
                                             Why buy a sex toy?
In a society where sexual pleasure and guilt are associated, it's not surprising that sex toys have 
gotten a bad rap just for being themselves. It goes without saying that sex toys are best enjoyed 
with no guilt attached. They require no justification; sex toys are pleasure for pleasure's sake.
They offer us a unique opportunity to explore our bodies in new and exciting ways. You'll no 
doubt discover more about sexual desire and probably discover a few new erogenous zones as 
well. Sex toys are simply a gateway to pleasure. Check out the book ToyGasms and the video or 
DVD on Toys for Better Sex. The only limit is your imagination.

For those of us in monogamous relationships, it's often difficult to explore our sexual fantasies.
Being faithful is more important than living out your deepest desires. Toys give us the 
opportunity to indulge our fantasies in a completely safe environment. In this sense, sex toys can 
be an extremely helpful addition to any loving relationship. It's nearly impossible for one person 
to satisfy every facet of another's desire. Sex toys can help by providing a new element to your 
sexual ritual without the complications of the actual realization of your fantasies.

An uninspired performance in the bedroom can be a real strain on your relationship. With the 
daily stresses of life, sex can often take a back seat to more pressing matters. Whether it's 
families or careers, our lives are busier than ever and intimacy often feels the squeeze. So why 
not introduce something a little risque to the proceedings? Sex toys give couples a chance to 
explore each other and have a light-hearted laugh along the way. Adult toys are a wonderful way 
to spice up your sex life. For some tips on how to make this happen you can check out 10 
Secrets to Great Sex.

Sexual Health
Sex toys are good for you! There are some interesting and well-documented health benefits 
associated with the use of sex toys. 
During menopause, most women experience some thinning of the vaginal wall. Studies indicate 
that the regular use of a dildo can help maintain vaginal tone. 
Women who have trouble reaching orgasm can also benefit from the use of sex toys. Many 
leading experts on the subject recommend the use of a vibrator to help overcome orgasmic