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How to Choose a Sex Toy Gift

Author : Date : 2013-5-27 10:58:37
Along with the progress of the society, to the requirement of life, people no longer content with food and clothing problem, the pursuit of sex toy is also more and more high, the thousands of years has been a must "sex" topic is becoming more and more attention, and adult sex toy suppliers to strongly promote the new health concept, health, science and civilization setisxual attitudes and sexual culture into every household, safy the pursuit of high quality life goal, thus reach sexual physiological balance, eventually improve sexual function, absorbing the purpose of sexual pleasure.

Adult sex toy suppliers is in contact with the privacy of human body, any choice adult things like choose their own the other half, is dangerous! How to choose the adult products there are the following:

A: brand, good brand has a good after-sales service, especially the equipment warranty problems is very important)
Currently on the market, best known there is love, joy, daily planet, shaggy, bedside game and some other well-known apparatus
Condoms are durex, celebrities, sixth sense, double butterfly, sweetheart, pure man, more pleasure, KIT, small night clothes, bond 007, JieShiBang, etc.

2: how to choose the sex toy
(1) the female apparatus have vibration, sound, shrinkage, rotating, g-spot stimulation, backyard * * a variety of functions, such as when women began to adult things contact can choose interest first jump egg apparatus such as appeal, also can choose according to personal affection to the features of the product. Don't understand place to ask the owner directly, so as not to buy things and they want the gap is too far away, must see product introduction, choose the instruments as well as the matters needing attention and use of methods, and whether there is oil free (some products have the distribution can save a little money), when buying appliances must buy lubricating oil, lubricating oil of the benefits are many, can play the role of lubrication, and can increase some pleasure, can be used for less * * * * * especially secretion of women buy the instruments must be equipped with, even without the use of instruments can also put a at home
U special recommend Ms. Goal to pursue high quality life success.
Often men and women, men's and women's physiological condition is different, * * * * * * time is different, this time can be used as a prelude to * * * * * * or * * * * * * after one party also networking equipment, sexual life synchronization, as far as possible to achieve perfect harmony
,, husband and wife living in * * strong woman, elderly men and women of sexual function abate and long-term life irregular obstacles caused by husband and wife
Long-term celibacy, modern woman, dark to bear lonely, don't want to casually with opposite sex relationship.
The types of apparatus (2) the male has a portable, with real ChongQi dolls, parts of reverse mould, Internet * * * * * * remote control devices, etc. Various kinds, functions also have sound, vibration, clip, etc.

1: portable, suitable for business, convenient to carry. Most travelers to bear lonely, don't want to casually with opposite sex relationship, afraid of * * * * * *, AIDS, bring a portable directions (suggest you husband travel must give him one standby).
2: reality dolls: suitable for single men, living environment must have personal independent space, real doll, and size is the same as the reality, more realistic, suitable for long-term celibacy modern men, dark to bear lonely, don't want to over and took a heterosexual relationship.
3;Parts: reverse mould is one of the most common hip Yin reverse mould pouring die lip cream reverse mould, etc., men's and women's physiological condition is different, often cause men and women * * * * * * time is different, this time can be used as a prelude to * * * * * * or * * * the man also felt after the auxiliary equipment, sexual life synchronization, as far as possible to achieve perfect harmony.
4. Internet remote control: * * * is suitable for husband and wife separated in 2 person, can be used in any chat rooms, can also fit the phone and video chat with. Is designed for couples or couples in long distance online remote control toys, * * * this technology bring real time * * * * * * flow for both sides, one side can be through the computer keyboard control on the other side the vibrator used by women or men. The vibrator vibration can be controlled by switch the other side of the time, by controlling the vibration time length control party to express their mood changes. Internet remote control and the vibrator is controlled by wireless technology, completely don't have to use wire connection, remote control furthest distance can reach 10 meters, that is to say, the user can not completely computer to use this product, but in another room, such as lying in bed, holding a phone to chat while doing, color in my life.

Many different kinds of condoms, fruit flavor, floral, honeydew melon flowers scent, thread type, ultra-thin, big, long, lasting, antibacterial, and other types.
1: choose scent: must choose oneself to like easy to accept the scent, don't like don't choose the scent, so as not to affect the mood when using;
2: choose function: according to your request to select, at ordinary times to sensitive use of ultra-thin as far as possible, to premature ejaculation can choose durable type or model of sensitivity to reduce, the extension of the * * * * * *;
4: how to select vendors (as far as possible to find professional sellers)
Often find online sellers, don't know when you receive a baby may at any time consulting, professional answer these questions is very important, must find a have a zeal, patience of the owner
And must believe everyone is worried about privacy, be sure to ask when buying products vendors how to do secret services, professional sellers are generally pay great attention to this problem.