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Sex product people demand

Author : Date : 2013-5-20 9:01:31
Adult suppliers main use of the crowd

The first category:

inexperienced young people not having experienced sexual behavior, sexy to curious, because more kinds of varieties, are they haven't seen a lot, more to let them produce curiosity, will use appliances to experience the feeling of adults
sex toy.

Category 2:

adult suppliers: people work outside for a long time in outside work or business, partner is not around, but don't want to casual sex with a male person, also is to use adult supplies a group. Long term voyage sailors, long-term unmarried men, engaged in field work of geological personnel and so on, because often separated, both husband and wife is likely to have sexual suppliers demand, so sex products can play a key role in harmonic.

Third class:

sex without fresh: many people think that between husband and wife is not going to use these things, but adult supplies can be improved between husband and wife sex fun, such as equipment, supplies, etc. A purchaser of 40 s said: "get married after a long time, husband and wife life is boring, want to use this to bring freshness to the life, also helps to increase feelings of husband and wife, won't make sex lifewas boring"

Fourth category:

the use of
adult products, sexual desire is not harmonious, due to differences in men's and women's physiological structure, men in sexual life soon afterward and she haven't reach orgasm, the woman can use adult supplies auxiliary orgasm offset caused by the man's unpleasant; Another situation is the man desire is stronger, and a wife to sex is cold, so that the man can use supplies masturbation instruments to solve sexual needs, have offered the woman to her boyfriend to buy this kind of product.

Class 5:

elderly couples with the increase of age, sexual function decline is inevitable, but can't have sex is not the same as the old, the body aging function still exists, so don't ignore the old man is also have sexual needs. Many older men still can make himself at the age of and young wife pregnant, and older women although has lost the family functions, but can have sex completely. So as long as you keep a good mentality, the sex and age set up mode, the elderly can also enjoy the pleasure of
adult products.

Class 6:

people with disabilities is a boon for disabled people, there are some not married, especially disabled people because of a variety of reasons, because of the many disabled people cannot lead a normal
sex life, although their physical disabilities, but the physical demand and without any reduce. Can use adult suppliers emulators, satisfy the physiological needs