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Five pitfalls of sex toys

Author : Date : 2013-6-17 9:37:52
The ancients do not use sex toys, that is the invention of the modern people obscene?
Wrong, the ancients also have these items, just forward the modern people.

This is actually a serious misunderstanding, the oldest sex toys will be far more than you think.
Currently the earliest sex toys can be determined, it is a Germany unearthed made from polished rock club
has about 28000 years ago. The 6th century BC Greek women, has been widely used dildo, and use olive oil as lube oil.

Maybe you will feel, murphy westerners have open than the Chinese nation since ancient times
so there are these things don't curious? Actually otherwise, the 14th century, that is
when the Ming dynasty had seen Mr "Angle", Mr. The so-called Angle, is a kind of false penis
the female can be strapped to the foot on pumping. And in "jin ping mei", there are many description about sex toys.

So, the ancients may not as conservative as we imagine, instead, they are all in the play of enthusiasm is
bold and unrestrained ingenuity to please yourself.

Sex toys is very small, only a few bold and open talent will try?
Wrong, a sex toy market and application range are you hard to imagine.
Maybe someone think, sex toys are the things that make people blush
I'm afraid it is only a small number of people will try? It is not the case. Took one of the most common sex toys
massage stick, historically, the beginning of the 20th century, a man called Hamilton, of the United States for the first home massage stick applied for a patent

In 1917, it has in the number of households in the United States more than the toaster...
The author made a similar test here, run to the one outfit and searched under "massage"
the results there are 260000 results, get rid of the real "massage" is used to massage the body alleviate fatigue
adult supplies in the result of nearly 180000 (not 200000 search results for "egg"), and search a rice cooker is less than 80000.

Of course, this test is not enough precise, but the real research is also there. Indiana university's center for sexual health promotion in 2009
Herbenick (Debra Herbenick), survey of 2056 American women 18 to 60, found that 52.5% used a vibrator.
And need to pay special attention to is that massage is not just to please their women tool
in fact in the survey, 37.3% of women in sexual intercourse with your partner using massage stick at the same time, 40.9% are used during foreplay.

Sex toys can damage their partner's self-esteem, let a man become dispensable?
Wrong, the correct use of sex toys can better synchronization high tide time, let both sides get satisfied
and the feelings what is can't replace.
Do have a lot of people, including women, to worry about sex toy, especially the massage stick will replace mate.

This worry is superfluous, there is no evidence that massage stick demand reduces women want in a partner.
And one more thing is very important, in the United States sexologist Price (Joan Price) words:
massage stick can help you to reach orgasm, which it is to do this, but it can never replace hug, kiss and smile.

Can you flirt with a massage stick? - it can only vibrate or shut up.
In fact, many women say massage stick to enhance their desire for the partner - women received a sexual stimulation
will want more. Or just at indiana university in the survey, 50% of the married women used massage stick, and only 29% of single women.
Sex toys has simple structure, no more than is the vibration resonance vibration, so the bargain it doesn't matter?

Wrong, good sex toy experience better, pattern more, most important of all, material more safe, harmless to the human body.
There are quite a few friends may think, a lot of sex toys are a eccentric motor head outside a plastic shell
hundreds of thousands have the necessary? Indeed, there are many cheap sex toys, can get ten dollars,
but the sex toy but there are a lot of shortcomings and hidden danger.

Modelling is ugly, inefficient with single mode, tactility is too stiff, waterproof etc. These just don't say.
More importantly, as something that is in direct contact with the private parts, workmanship and
materials will directly affect your health. For example, if there is a flash on MP3, seam width
these will not affect your use, but a sex toy appear such things might scratch on your private parts.
As some no label made of hard plastic massage stick jump eggs, such as in material, workmanship or functions are very bad.

Also some soft porous material, the surface can't do very smooth, if direct contact privates, bacteria and difficult to disinfect.
In addition some sex toys with cheap material may contain harmful substances to human body, lead to tickling, burning pain
and rash. Cheap a few dollars to private parts suffer hardly dull ache a bit not worth, I'm afraid.

Sex toys should still consider to have reputation big brands, no matter from the perspective of functional or a safe and comfortable
it is a better choice. Even though, of course, is of high quality sex toys, use after also remember timely cleaning to avoid bacterial growth effect after use.
Good sex toys, materials healthy smooth, fluent and beautiful shape
Your partner to accept sex toy is something hard to say?

Maybe, but don't try how can anyone know? You can take the below steps to try.
Love to play is human nature, the pursuit of sexual pleasure is instinct, how do you don't know your partner will not agree?

For massage products, in the beginning, can stimulate the more areas such as neck, inner thighs, chest, not to the point
such as habits, then hit a hidden area.
Sometimes some men may be exclusive massage stick, feel that they have been replaced
then will be more emphasis on using massage stick is not to make a choice between men and toys
massage stick just involved in the process of two of them having sex.

Anyhow, for couples, one of the most important is likely to be put down the shy, face, back to childhood when get a new toy
well-designed sex toys bring freshness, will make your sex life is very different, for sex toys.

Five pitfalls of sex toys